About PCG-Talent Market (Pty) Ltd

At PCG- Talent Market it has never been about the money, we are passionately driven to offer a solutions and products of value. Our satisfaction comes from seeing you achieve your goals when you use our products. We believe in building elegant, user friendly and cost effective HR software solutions. If we can help you find careers, people and work experiences that makes you happy then we believe we are doing a great job. If you can return home to the ones you love more integrated and satisfied, then we have huge smiles on our faces.

The CV optimiser System is a Subsidiary Product of PCG Talent Market. This automated system while a complete standalone product, also features as an integral part of its integrated e-recruitment Talent Market System.

We have listened deeply to our client’s challenges and pain points when it comes to sourcing, attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent. In response, we have self-funded, designed, and built from scratch a fully automated and extensible “end to end” e-recruitment software solution (Cloud-based Software as a Service solution) which we are proud to bring to the African and Global market.

This diverse multidisciplinary South African design team have used their more than 50 years of deep practical experience in the fields of Industrial Psychology, Recruitment and Selection, Change Management, Information System’s Security, Programming, and Support to build a truly powerful and dynamic (SaaS) solution for the global world.

Talent Market is an enterprise-wide, user-friendly, and automated e-recruiter solution for organisations across the globe. It integrates and centralises the entire recruitment workflow into an intelligent, seamless process.

It also creates and integrates your organisational chart locating people, positions, and profiles in a dynamic way. Whether you operate locally, globally or within multiple geographical locations, we organise your data for seamless transactions and notifications.

The solution significantly improves your ability and speed to find, attract, engage, evaluate, and hire the very top Talent. When you subscribe to the Talent Market system you become the recipient of our ongoing innovations that puts you at the forefront of best people Talent hiring practices.

“Going beyond the ordinary to make possible the extraordinary”